1) ADJ: usu ADJ n Biological is used to describe processes and states that occur in the bodies and cells of living things.

The living organisms somehow concentrated the minerals by biological processes...

This is a natural biological response.

Derived words:
biologically [[t]ba͟ɪ͟əlɒ̱ʤɪkli[/t]] ADV ADV with cl/group, ADV with v

Much of our behaviour is biologically determined...

Possibly we are accustomed, biologically speaking, to this background radiation.

2) ADJ: ADJ n Biological is used to describe activities concerned with the study of living things.

...all aspects of biological research associated with leprosy.

...the university's school of biological sciences.

3) ADJ: usu ADJ n Biological weapons and biological warfare involve the use of bacteria or other living organisms in order to attack human beings, animals, or plants.

Such a war could result in the use of chemical and biological weapons.

4) ADJ: ADJ n Biological pest control is the use of bacteria or other living organisms in order to destroy other organisms which are harmful to plants or crops.

...Jim Litsinger, a consultant on biological control of agricultural pests.

5) ADJ: ADJ n A child's biological parents are the man and woman who caused him or her to be born, rather than other adults who look after him or her.

...foster parents for young teenagers whose biological parents have rejected them.

6) ADJ A biological washing powder contains substances called enzymes which dissolve dirt.

English dictionary. 2008.

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